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Virus Diagnosis & Removal


Recover Your Lost Documents or Photos

With the click of a button they’re gone. Your holiday snaps, the Christmas photos, your child’s birthday party. Port Stephens Computer Repairs provides a data recovery service that can restore your lost photos and documents in many cases.

Steve Townend provides you with a backup copy of your data. He can also advise you on how to regularly back up your folders so losses, if they happen in future, will be minimised.

Back Up Data

Slow PC

Over time your system accumulates cookies, toolbars, temporary files and other clutter that slows down your PC.

Your PC may not have the hardware it needs to perform the way you need it to. Steve can increase your RAM so your PC operates faster Clean up your PC so that it runs faster.

Malicious Damage

Deliberate sabotage of computer documents, records and machines can occur. Steve Townend has been able to recover photos, documents and business financial files where these were deliberately “deleted” from shared computers.

Steve understands and his professionalism means he does his best to recover the data for the Client independent of the situation that caused it.

PC is Making Noises

Forgot My Password

It happens. You come back from holiday or like most of us, your list of passwords and PINs is getting longer and longer.

It’s hard to keep track of them all. Steve Townend can recover your password and give you access to your PC again.

PC Won't Start

If it’s got flashing lights, gets stuck on the welcome screen or shuts off for no apparent reason, it’s time to call us.

It may not be time to go and buy a new computer