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Notebook Processors

Thinking about buying a new notebook or laptop?

Then this advice from Steve Townend may help.

There are a few processors to choose from depending on what you’ll be using it for. A Celeron Processor would be like a 3-Cylinder Suzuki. It would sometimes struggle up hills and definitely wouldn’t tow a caravan. A good PC for basics such as using Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher. This is a good student PC.

An i3 Processor would be like a 4-cylinder Toyota; it can tow a caravan but will struggle up hills. Excellent for the basics as above, but also good for Facebook, photo’s and word processing.

An i5 Processor would be like a 6-cylinder Holden. It will tow a caravan up hills but may still struggle with the tough stuff. Excellent at the basics, as above, plus it handles basic video editing, basic Photoshop and basic gaming.

An i7 Processor is like a big V8. Lots of power for all of the above and handles the caravan across most terrain. Capable of advanced video editing, advanced Photoshop and serious gaming.

It’s recommended you have between 4 – 8GB of RAM for these notebooks to operate efficiently. (See our post from last week about RAM and why it matters). If you do decide to go with a Celeron, lots of them come with only 2GB of RAM. It’s better to upgrade to 4GB of RAM.

If you want to transfer your files and photo’s from your old computer to your new computer, Port Stephens Computer Repairs specialises in this service. Call Steve today on 0421 204 119

Memory and Hard Drive Space

Think of your computer as a library full of books – hundreds of thousands of books. If you were working on a big project, it makes sense to gather the handful of books you need, keep them near you on a desk, rather than have to run through the whole library to get each book every time. When it comes to your computer, the desk with your handy books is the Random Access Memory (RAM) and the entire library is your Hard Drive.

A 500GB Hard Drive will hold approximately 730 full-length movies or about 170,000 songs or up to 10,000 photos (double these for a 1 Terabyte drive). If your Hard Drive is getting full, your computer will tell you.

As for RAM, let’s look at Windows 7 – it will operate at walking speed with 2GB of RAM. It’ll run with 4GB of RAM and it’ll gallop with 8GB of RAM.

The good news is, not only can Port Stephens Computer Repairs take a copy of your data and transfer it to a larger Hard Drive to give you all the space you need, we can boost your RAM to increase the speed of your computer. Call Steve on 0421 204 119.