Notebook Processors

Thinking about buying a new Notebook or Laptop? Then this advice from Steve Townend may help. There are a few processors to choose from depending on what you’ll be using it for. A Celeron Processor would be like a 3-Cylinder Suzuki. It would sometimes struggle…

Five Common Computer Problems

5 Most Common Computer Problems are not being able to connect to the Internet; my computer is slow; my computer has a virus; won’t start; or it’s noisy. If your computer is driving you to distraction with any of these issues call Steve at Port…

AFP Scam

The AFP Scam aims to get your money. Internet users find that their computer has been “frozen” showing a pop-up alert on screen. The alert claims “Australian Federal Police have locked this computer” because the user has visited an illegal website or breached Federal Laws….

Noisy Computer

Is the fan in your computer very noisy? This is a client’s computer we serviced this week and it shows a very common problem. After a year or two humming along under your desk, the cooling fan in your computer accumulates a lot of dust….