Do you have someone in your family who knows about computers? We’re glad we do, and he knows a lot.

Steve Townend Port Stephens Computer Repairs

Steve Townend

Steve Townend has built his reputation in Port Stephens repairing and servicing computers for over ten years. Steve has proven his ability to listen to clients problems, identify the cause and set about finding solutions quickly and efficiently. Steve knows the business and he knows people.

Call Steve at Port Stephens Computer Repairs to discuss your needs 0n 0421 204 119


Family Owned Business

  • Port Stephens Computer Repairs is a family owned and managed business Launched in October 2013.
  • Steve has an excellent reputation in Port Stephens as providing quality computer repair and upgrade service.
  • Established list of Clients who come back to him as their technology needs upgrade and change.
  • Steve has Clients who only deal with him.
  • Mobile service at no extra cost
  • Steve Townend visits you at your home or business
  • Saves you the trouble of unplugging and transporting your heavy computer or its peripheral devices around.
  • Helps when computer is working fine, but printer won’t talk to your computer. Or if the printer works but the scanner never has.
  • Mobile service home visit saves hassle of bringing in both computer and printer.
  • Steve comes to you and sorts it out at your place.
  • If computer requires further diagnostic testing, Steve brings it back to the workshop, repair it and returns it to your home.

Full insurance cover for your computer and the repairs conducted on it.

  • Steve Townend has ten years of local experience in computer retail sales and as Lead Technician for a national computer company.
  • He has built his reputation in Port Stephens area building custom-designed computers, servicing and repairing computers in Nelson Bay for over ten years
  • He has attended numerous training and management seminars learning how to manage computers and people experienced in PC, Apple, HP, Acer systems and peripheral devices
  • Steve quickly identifies client’s needs, diagnoses computer problems and finding workable solutions
  • Steve uses easy to understand language
  • He gives sensible advice
  • He won’t bamboozle you with technical jargon
  • Feedback we have received from Clients says this is quite rare in the computer service industry Steve offers a professional service.

He is not a university student chasing some extra cash. This is his career and he values quality, skill and competence in his business. He is not going to mess about in your computer with a little bit of knowledge and make things worse.

For many people allowing a Technician into their home can be daunting. We all want to stay safe in our home and we need to be sensible about whom we trust.

  • Steve is honest, trustworthy and reliable.
  • Steve Townend provides a professional service and takes pride in his personal presentation.
  • Port Stephens Computer Repairs logo on Steve’s car, his blue business shirt with our logo and company name printed on it.
  • Steve believes in maintaining open communication with Clients. If the cost of service or repair to your machine will outstrip the cost of buying a new computer, he’ll tell you and listen while you decide how to proceed.
  • Steve Townend gives independent advice so you can make an informed choice with regards to your computer repair.

Steve Townend settled permanently in Port Stephens 13 years ago and currently lives in Nelson Bay. When he’s not working around town, Steve enjoys his favourite (secret) fishing spot, spending time with his family and fossicking for gemstones. Steve loves good coffee.

Steve’s first Mac

Steve was a teenager when his father brought home their first computer. He tells the story: “My father travelled to many places overseas for his work. Once a year he used to bring me home a cloned computer. They were poorly made and hardly worked when I got them. I got them working through trial and error, from the basics up.” MacPlus with keyboard and mouse

“My first Apple computer was a Macintosh Plus. The MacPlus came with a keyboard and a single button mouse. It was quite advanced for its time. The monitor was black and white and had a handle on the top for carrying it around. There was no built in hard drive, just a floppy disk. I had a 20MB external hard drive for it, which was huge then. You wouldn’t even store one picture on a 20MB hard drive now – that’s Megabytes, not Gigabytes!”